Timiarah Spriggs Automotive Videos for Referencing Block 1

This is not a blog post. It is a post with links to various automotive work that I, Timiarah Spriggs, have performed. It is for referencing only. I will post more later, but this should be enough to determine if I might be an acceptable fit for automotive-related work.

Replacing a battery that’s underneath the wheel well.
Blend door actuator
Just digging out cylinder heads, lol. Fun. – Timiarah Spriggs
Taking valves out
Tinkering with more engine parts, putting valve springs back on a Monte Carlo
Dealing with a stubborn spark plug. Very old video, but the whole job (head gasket) went well.
Had removed heads from Monte Carlo. Showing the gasket.

Changed headlight. Pardon my fugliness. Just woke up.
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