Timiarah Spriggs Automotive Videos for Referencing Block 1

This is not a blog post. It is a post with links to various automotive work that I, Timiarah Spriggs, have performed. It is for referencing only. I will post more later, but this should be enough to determine if I might be an acceptable fit for automotive-related work.

Replacing a battery that’s underneath the wheel well.
Blend door actuator
Just digging out cylinder heads, lol. Fun. – Timiarah Spriggs
Taking valves out
Tinkering with more engine parts, putting valve springs back on a Monte Carlo
Dealing with a stubborn spark plug. Very old video, but the whole job (head gasket) went well.
Had removed heads from Monte Carlo. Showing the gasket.

Changed headlight. Pardon my fugliness. Just woke up.
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The Best Times of My Life (Automotive Disassembly Memories)

Here’s a memory from when I had purchased a project car to tinker with for some fun automotive disassembly. An old pre-high-school acquaintance told me the moment I brought it home (told him about it via chat) that it was most likely irreparable.

“Don’t bother. Buy a Mini Coop.”

It had blown up REAL GOOD. But honestly, I didn’t even care. I mostly wanted to have the experience of digging for gold (the heads) all over again.

I love me some automotive disassembly, lol.

This vehicle was a challenge because it was a dual-overhead-cam model, and I had never even touched anything like that before. All my other vehicles were overhead valve models, which made the work much easier, but still time-consuming. Furthermore, this Ford was set up where I was supposed to remove the timing cover, which required me to jack the vehicle up and get under. I didn’t want to do that, so I did it a roundabout way.

I got as far as removing the heads and all, but the other internal damages were too extensive. The seasoned mechanic had told me what to expect, but hell, I already had it in front of me by then. How could I not dig the head outs? Plus, I was going to school at the time, and I needed to have a car there for certain assignments.

I had fun with it, but a time came when I needed some help (bottom-end stuff). Not only could I not get help, but I also noticed that a few people spoke negativity over the project and tried to Debbie-Downer my joy. SMH.

Well, certain parts were way too damaged to repair, so that project didn’t end the same way previous projects ended. But man, I loved getting into the automotive disassembly.

Weeeeee! I found the treasures!

Stuff like this really makes me happy, and you know, I thought about letting go of practicing it, but I don’t think I can. Life is too short, and I’ll never be happy not doing it. It’s not yet too late for me to get back to it, so I need to do so before it is too late.