Apparently, Jack Nicholson Has a Son. Good 1

Picture is from Ray Nicholson: Photos Of Jack Nicholson’s Son – Hollywood Life and does NOT belong

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I grew up on Jack Nicholson movies, and he was one of my faves, but I just came across his son Ray today. Wow. I had no idea the man even had a child, let alone several. Interesting.

Ray has his father’s smile and certain poses look like his dad, but he has his own distinct look as well. I was dying to see his acting style, so I checked out two things he starred in: a movie called “Out of the Blue” and an Amazon original mini-series called “Panic.” “Out of the Blue” was a little too risqué for my liking, but I enjoyed the acting.

He doesn’t try to be Jack Nicholson. He just does himself, and that’s good enough. But Jack does come out every now and then anyway.

There was this one part in “Out of the Blue” when the character got a little upset, and Ray gave off some Jack vibes, ha-ha.

“Panic” is good. A bunch of kids compete in “Survivor”-type challenges for a pot of about $50,000, and the writers go in depth with the character development, backstories, now stories, side stories, etc. They keep you watching.

You start off disliking Ray’s character very much, but then you like him by the end of the series.

Uh, yeah, if you watch one episode of “Panic,” you’ll get stuck watching the other nine. Unfortunately, there won’t be a second season, but it makes sense. They pretty much wrapped everything up in the finale. The ending seemed like a lead-in to a second season, but rumor has it that Amazon canceled it. Maybe it wouldn’t have worked out.

At any rate, I’ll be keeping my eye on Ray Nicholson in the future, but right now I think I’m going to watch a Jack Nicholson classic.